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Prostate cancer survivors, we will help you learn how to live a healthy life.

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What is iLIVE?

A free diet and exercise program for men with prostate cancer who currently take or who have taken androgen deprivation therapy (ADT; also known as “hormone therapy”) for their prostate cancer. iLIVE uses the latest research to help you lose weight, get more active and improve general health. Through an online program that includes self-paced guidance, you will learn how to eat healthier, move more and manage your weight.

iLIVE is a research study funded by the National Cancer Institute. The goal of this study is to discover which healthy lifestyle programs work best for men with prostate cancer. Your participation may help you and help future cancer survivors.

Weight Loss

iLIVE helps you reach your weight loss goal to improve your health. Because iLIVE is based on the latest research, we believe it can help!


Eating to lose weight is more than a diet plan. iLIVE will teach you about food choices and take with you every step of the way. You will learn the facts about sugar, calories, and more.


Regular daily movement helps maintain muscle and manage your weight. By moving, you can reduce fatigue, improve strength and balance,  and boost mobility so that you can keep doing the things you want. iLIVE’s simple exercise and movement plans support your needs.

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What Are Participants Saying?

“I'm a 68 year old prostate cancer survivor. Before I started iLIVE, I was completely washed-out. I could barely walk a hundred feet without having to stop and catch my breath. I have enjoyed the program. I'm feeling better now. I am eating and sleeping better, and have lost weight.” — Mr. C.

Mr. C has dropped 16 pounds (roughly 10% of his body weight), was able to rise from a chair and walk much quicker, and improved his endurance by walking 27% more steps during a 2-minute testing period.

What iLIVE Participants Get for Free

Six months of information and resources to guide your exercise program and help you eat better and lose weight.

Tools that can help you with your exercise and weight loss journey

All iLIVE participants receive a Fitbit® and Aria® scale

Resource Library

You will have access to resources through a simple, interactive website. Join, and you'll find information for successful lifestyle change. Create a meal plan or a personalized exercise plan, and more.

Why Is iLIVE Different?

iLIVE can help you get in touch with your current lifestyle habits and offer help that can guide you toward healthier choices.

While 6 months may seem like a long time to commit, successfully changing habits takes time. iLIVE helps you stick with it by keeping in mind your food intake, calorie budget, and movement toward more active living.

What will you get from participating in iLIVE?

iLIVE study participants will receive:

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Joining iLIVE will benefit you and future cancer survivors!

Men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer

AND who currently receive ADT or who have received it at least 6 months in the past 10 years.

Health Behaviors

Not currently enrolled in another exercise or weight loss program.

Weight Loss Desired

Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) at least 25 but less than 50.

Click here to calculate your BMI.

Experiencing some weakness, slowness, or fatigue

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